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Digital Library and Special Editions
What could possibly be more popular than regular old held-in-the-hand bound books or even books on tape for the car? Digital editions that are served through a direct access to the internet that look just like the original print edition.

Electronic publishing at one time seemed far off, we authors used to joke about it like riding on a spaceship to the moon, and then in the last year, this newest publishing medium has blossomed like a hot house flower that finally had its root system developed now that there is the affordable technology to utilize it. Imagine your favorite magazines, newspapers, and books delivered to your home computer screen or portable reader at publication time. And Not Your Motherís is right there on the cutting edge of the 21st century publication medium, so with digital formats you never need to be without your favorite recipes, either home, traveling, even abroad. Yikes. This allows Not Your Motherís to be more flexible providing for a cooksí every need to access their recipes. So, plug in.
ReadHowYouWant Read How Your Want
ReadHowYouWant, a company based in Australia, has successfully developed award-winning conversion technology that reformats existing books into high-quality, alternative formats quickly, easily, and at prices comparable to standard format books. To my delight, they have included in their catalog a few of my Not Your Motherís books. This means there are regular book versions in bold large type for reduced vision readers (I could use format this myself so I am looking forward to my own copy), Braille, and DAISY (the HumanWare VictorReader Stream) audio. I am in good company with bestseller volumes by authors like Joseph Campbell and Louise Hay.

The Braille "books" are not actual, printed books, but digital files that can be downloaded from the site and used on Braille readers. The files can also be printed out if they have a Braille printer, or you can print it out yourself. The DAISY and audio MP3 are also digital files for downloading. The versatile DAISY player gives you access to a book with equivalent speed and accuracy of reading a printed book. Find a book of interest and download it to your computer in just a few minutes. Then, merely transfer the book from the computer to the HumanStreamís storage card and you are ready to enjoy it. If you are going on a trip, or just out and about, you can take your Stream and all your books with you all in a pocket size package. The Stream also plays music files, has bookmarking and recording capability, as well as built-in text-to-speech. Large Print Editions are also available on

Not Your Mother's Weeknight Cooking   Not Your Mother's Recipes for Two   Not Your Mother's Family Favorites   Not Your Mother's The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook
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Zinio Zinio
Zinio is the world's largest newsstand and bookstore available in 25 different languages and local currencies. Zinio is a consumer-targeted digital and interactive publishing products and services company which provides sales, marketing and distribution of all sorts of printed material from hundreds of global publishers: popular magazines, non-fiction books, text books, catalogs, newsletters, album inserts and research, and of course, cookbooks, in digital format throughout its multi-channel content network. Zinio's award-winning technology platform delivers premium digital content globally to millions of desktops, laptops, tablets, smartbooks and mobile devices.

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook   Not Your Mother's Weeknight Cooking   Not Your Mother's Recipes for Entertaining
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Amazon Kindle DX Kindle DX
Kindle DX  
Amazon announced the handheld wireless device Kindle DX on May 6, 2009. This device has a larger screen than its predecessors, 6- to almost 10-inches display. It also is the thinnest Kindle to date and offers an accelerometer, which enables the user to seamlessly rotate pages between landscape and portrait orientations when the Kindle DX is turned on its side. Now Kindle books can be accessed without the Kindle device and there are Kindle apps for your PC and iPhone or iPod touch. Through a technology termed "Whispersync," customers can synchronize reading progress, bookmarks, and other information across Kindle hardware devices, other mobile devices, and your PC at home. You can bookmark, highlight, and look up content. Pages can be dog-eared for reference and notes can be added to relevant content. While a book is open on the display, menu options allow users to search for synonyms and definitions from the built-in dictionary. The device also remembers the last page read for each book, which I think is totally cool, sort of an invisible bookmarker. It is not only progressive but fun and convenient to use Kindle books. Not Your Motherís Slow Cooker Recipes for Entertaining spent almost 3 weeks at #1 on the Kindle favorites list during the Christmas 2009 season, to my surprise and delight. We also offer the original Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook, NYMSC for Two, NYM's Weeknight Cooking, and the Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook, one of my favorite all time books I ever wrote.

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook   Not Your Mother's Recipes for Two   Not Your Mother's Weeknight Cooking   Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook
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Barnes and Noble Nook Nook
The Barnes and Noble e-reader, is called a Nook. Nook lets you access over one million eBooks, bestsellers, newspapers, magazines, and now my NYM cookbooks, in two different ways, depending on where you are. It uses the same 3G wireless technology that your cell phone uses. But, with the appropriate device settings,it also automatically detects Wi-Fi hotspots -- either the free Wi-Fi in all Barnes & Noble stores or any pre-configured hotspots like even your supermarket or favorite coffee shop -- and will switch to use Wi-Fi's faster connection. With either connection, you'll be able to download eBooks wirelessly in seconds. The Barnes & Noble Nook is similar to the Amazon Kindle, but opens us up to a different market. This is another handheld reading device for those who want to take it in the kitchen to cook with them. Right now we havenít decided on a title list, but as that comes together Iíll let you know here.

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