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The Gourmet Potluck:
Show-Stopping Recipes for the Buffet Table
Gourmet Potluck is a gem of a book. It did not have large sales, but that was not because the recipes are not fantastic. It just didnít get a lot of notice through marketing. It is a small handbook for food that is appropriate to take to a potluck, a type of entertaining that is increasingly popular these days as an alternative to restaurants and catering. There are 50 recipes and lots of photos for inspiration. The Filo Green Tart with Fresh Dill and Feta on the cover is easy for a beginning cook to have it turn out just like it looks. As a caterer for twenty years, I know a lot about the foods that are most appropriate for group meals and how to carry them to a site outside your own kitchen. So this is a book perfect for the new cook who wants to know the ins and outs of entertaining cookery...
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Bread for Breakfast
This is a beloved book. It became a favorite of the staff at Ten Speed. This is a comprehensive book, despite it's compact size, organized by types of breads. It includes all sorts of baking-yeast and quick breads. So what is a morning bread? The genre includes plain yeasted breads for toast and quick-batters including pancakes, waffles, muffins, and scones. There is attention given to familiar breakfast-table baked goods since they are likely to be made over and over. The result is some of the most toothsome, and beautiful, new- and old-fashioned breads~swirled rolls, fluffy egg breads and buns, nut and fruit breakfast breads, fruit-topped coffee cakes, croissants, and brioche. Some are cherished recipes that have been shared with me by my friends and family, others have my contemporary twist on the old-fashioned classics. Always there are breads that can be made year-round, and others that are seasonal treats. I included my favorites from my very own files in this book (I won't have to work from tattered, handwritten recipes anymore). Bread for Breakfast turned up on the San Francisco Chronicle Best Selling Cookbooks of the Week, sandwiched inbetween Joanne Weir' s More Cooking in the Wine Country, Jacques Pepin"s Simple and Healthy, and The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller, some hefty company for a simple bread book.
Apricot, White Chocolate and Walnut Scones
Seeded Dakota Bread
Bread Made Easy
"There is nothing like the experience of creating your own loaf of bread. Alone in your kitchen, senses alive, hands busy, the process of making a yeasted dough and baking your own bread is not only a scientific and experimental craft, but a gastronomic one that borders on the spiritual. Your own bread is a far cry from supermarket mass-produced loaves, or even anyone else's for that matter. Your loaves have their own character, flavor, and distinctive appearance. During the process of making and baking a dough, the satisfaction of creation is experienced anew every time. Remember that the only difference between a great baker and you is practice. So why not give it a try? Know that no baker makes perfect bread all the time; this is especially true if you are a novice. When you have made all the recipes in this book, you will have an amazingly large repertoire of breads, different shapes, baking skills, and knowledge of wholesome ingredients, all tempered with your own pattern of breadmaking, and the confidence to invent and adapt your own recipes."

Bread Made Easy was a unique book for me. It is written teaching style, with an reference emphasis on being able to use one recipe for six incredible variations, and anticipating every question one would have during the baking process. There is a complete guide to how to choose the proper bakeware and my favorite pans, baking stones, detailed basic ingredient lists, the step by step techniques, and freezing guide that I call the Baking School. The recipes are fantastic here and you can be an accomplished baker in no time working from front to back in this book.
A Flat Bread
A White Bread
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